Union Broadcast Systems to merge with National Broadcast Society chapter

JACKSON, Tenn. — Union Broadcast Systems and Union’s National Broadcasting Society chapter are merging to provide new national opportunities for broadcasting students and remove confusion between the two organizations.

Currently, UBS and NBS are different organizations with similar functions made up predominantly of broadcast journalism and media communications majors. UBS is responsible for producing Union basketball and soccer telecasts for TV channel 6 and the student-led UNews broadcast on campus.

UBS senator Caleb Shore said the main difference between the two is level of commitment and intent.

“Anyone who sees themselves having a future in the industry of media communication should be a part of NBS,” Shore said. “UBS is good to be a part of if you’re not sure exactly what you are going to do or if you just want to get your feet wet, but once you become serious about the business then NBS is the platform which you need to build yourself on.”

With the merger, Shore said NBS will be the umbrella under which UBS operates.

“The society is the people, and the system is the operation,” he said.

Combining UBS and NBS will help the students by joining the day-to-day student production side of the present with making contacts and getting their name out for their professional future, Shore added.

Ray Eaton, executive director of media production and adviser of the NBS chapter, said he thinks the merger can be successful and beneficial.

“The functions of UBS will not totally go away,” Eaton said. “UBS will still be there and do what it does.”

Eaton said the merger would remove inter-societal complications and confusion among members of both groups, making everything “neater, smoother and more streamlined.”

Kathryn Feathers, vice president of UBS, said the merger will create a more unified broadcasting program, with UBS officers becoming NBS officers once the merger is final

NBS chapter membership requires yearly dues, but the officers say they intend to rework the constitution to allow students who do not want to be full members to work on Union broadcasts.

Members of NBS will have added resume opportunities — such as AERho, the broadcast honor society, and access to a variety of competitions. Additionally, they can attend the annual NBS conference and make contacts with key professionals in their areas of interest.

Feathers said several members of the society plan to attend the annual conference in the spring, which will be held in Los Angeles.

“The society is growing and we are serious about our careers,” she said. “We are excited to attend the conference this year and utilize everything that NBS has to offer.”

The officers plan to raise funds for the trip.

UBS senator Dominique Willingham said he is excited to be a part of what the future holds for the broadcasting program after the merger.

“We are going to be more involved with campus life and get the name out there more,” Willingham said. “It’s going to be great this year because we have a great team leading us, and we want to really grow.”