UNews to Expand this Fall

JACKSON, Tenn.—UNews, Union’s student-based news program, has launched for its fall season again this year. Since its beginnings fall of 2012, UNews has developed to provide campus wide news in a variety of ways.

In the past, UNews has provided students with a recap of the prior week’s news accompanied with a brief update of news for the future week. News has included campus and sports events accompanied with game results.

Cam Tracy, Union’s web development agent, oversees UNews production. He submits the final work, which is displayed on campus monitors and released online on Union’s portal. The student crew includes Gabe Farmer, junior digital media studies major and news editor; Kacee Enzor, junior media communications major and sports producer; Kathryn Feathers, junior media communications major and news producer; and Kelsey Graeter, junior broadcasting journalism major and director for social media.

Farmer edits and uploads content online. Feathers budgets events and assigns projects to UNews members. In addition, various students serve as anchors, not limited to communication arts majors.

“We do on-campus news,” Feathers said. “We target the students of Union, but occasionally we do have people from Jackson that will come to us. We had rappers last year, and we had to do promotion for them.”

This year, the crew plans to provide more entertainment by using a relatable personality with humor integrated between news segments, adding new background locations around campus and providing more student interviews. UNews also plans to provide Student Government Association’s officer speeches during their election period in April.

For sports news segments, the crew recaps previous games and reports on athletes’ awards and upcoming games.

Enzor writes the budget, listing what events need to be covered. Designated crew members then report on the events and write the scripts.

“We want our anchors to develop their personalities more,” Enzor said.

UNews, however, consists of more than what viewers see in finished segments.

“There are a lot of parts to the puzzle that people don’t see to get in on the air every week,” Enzor said. “We find the events, we attend them, we film them, we write about them, we record them, we edit them, we upload them and then we share them all over the place.”

Overall, each week the UNews crew meets every Friday for the final editing process for the weekly submission of news.  This process includes recording information and/or live events, editing the news content and uploading that content.  In all, this process involves six to seven crew members who meet at 3 p.m. and submit final products later that evening.

“We work really hard at it, but we love it,” Enzor said.

To contact UNews for any story proposals, email unionunews@gmail.com.