Course Highlight: Social Documentary

Social DocumentaryOne of the more unique classes within the photojournalism minor is Social Documentary. Traditionally, this type of photography attempts to bear witness, to bring attention, and to advocate. At its best it tries to communicate something a concerned and informed photographer felt when he or she released the camera’s shutter.

Each semester this class takes a very close look at a specific aspect of the world around us by moving away from the classroom for part of the experience.

Although time is still spent looking at the work of other documentary photographers and that of previous classes, most of the class’s effort is directed to a project somewhere in the nearby community. Students experience life from the perspective of another.

Many students have had brief experiences that have taken them outside their comfort zone. This class provides them the opportunity to spend an entire semester getting to know their subjects from the inside, and in turn, for their subjects to get to know them. Both are catching a brand new glimpse of the world around them.