In the Communication Studies major, students obtain a well-rounded understanding of the communication field while choosing a customized emphasis.

For example, a student interested in a career in the film industry may decide to major in Communication Studies, combining the production, writing and promotion aspects from other related majors. This student would be prepared for the technical and creative aspects of the film industry, and also the student would learn to present and market themselves in a competitive field.

If you are interested in the Communication Studies major, please contact Dr. Web Drake, Chair, Communication Arts.

Communication Studies Major: 45 hours (15 classes)

Required Courses:

An oral communication skills course that emphasizes organizing thoughts, adapting messages to specific audiences, using language correctly, delivering messages verbally and nonverbally with confidence, and active listening and evaluation skills. Credit Hours: 3. Prerequisites: None. Offered in the Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer.

Introduction to news writing skills for the beginning media student to understand the differences and similarities of writing for print and broadcast media. Credit hours: 3. Pre-requisites: None. Offered in the Fall and Spring.

Focuses on practical research associated with the pursuit of a degree in communication. Emphasis is on developing a research attitude, research skills, and a research vocabulary. Deals with surveys, validity, and the interpretation of data. Credit hours: 3. Pre-requisites: None. Offered in the Fall.
The legal controls and government regulations on mass media. Students will study case precedents involving the freedom and rights of the press and broadcasters.Credit hours: 3. Pre-requisites: Senior Standing. Offered in the Spring.

Professional Electives:

Select 18 hours (6 classes) of COM courses

Minor in Communications Studies: 21 hours (7 classes)

Required courses:

A. Select 12 hours of COM courses (4 classes, any level)
B. Select 9 hours of upper level COM courses (3 classes)