National Broadcasting Society

The National Broadcast society is a student-led society focused on educating and networking in the field of television broadcast.  The society holds training workshops, brings in professionals from the broadcast world, and competes annually in a national convention.  Students are involved in making packages for the convention, regular meetings, and fundraising activities that keep participation in the society focused, fun, and purposeful.  The society offers opportunities for students to build their resumés by winning national awards, learning new techniques in workshops, and participating in leadership positions within the society.

The National Broadcast Society offers a wide variety of competitions throughout the year in which the students can participate. Broadcasting majors may find joining this society to be very beneficial when seeking employment in the future. Alpha Epsilon Rho, Union’s local chapter, is gaining popularity among communication students. Being a member of NBS has many benefits, including chances to compete for national awards, reduced fees when attending the national convention, and countless ways to network with TV and radio stations all over the country.

Students can join NBS by first becoming a member of UBS. After joining UBS, contact the president of NBS, and plan to attend one of the meetings that is scheduled. Lastly, pay the dues, and enjoy membership in one of the finest organizations on campus.

Members will be required to pay a small fee at the beginning of their membership; also, members will be encouraged to attend as many  organized meetings of NBS as possible. This is where business is taken care of and where members and faculty members can voice opinions or different ideas. It is also important that members of NBS remain active and involved with the local, campus-based broadcasting organization, Union Broadcasting Systems (UBS).

In addition to the four aforementioned broadcasts students get to enhance their skills with a camera by creating special packages, learn the proper way to find and write a news story for television, practice on-air skills such as reporting and interviewing, and network with employers in the television industry.

Current NBS Officers:

President: Rachel Pratt
Vice President: Jess Bucklin
Secretary: Alex Burns, Anna-Alicia Sails
Treasurer: Ali Renckens