Summer Internships 2017

The primary purpose of an internship in the Department of Communication Arts (COM) is to provide a student with real-life work experiences related to the student’s major. An internship is part of the student’s total academic experience and is not a job per se; it is a learning opportunity having direct relationships to the student’s program of study and career interests.

Brantley English

Digital Media Communications

Sodium Halogen, Jackson, Tennessee

“Embracing innovation and creativity, my internship with Sodium Halogen was one riddled with brainstorming, technology, and a passion for the Jackson community. I hope to use these connections and experiences and apply it to wherever the Lord leads me next”

Shelby Kee

Public Relations

Summit Ministries, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Although my internship was not primarily Public Relations based, it improved a skill that will make me more marketable to future employers. I learned the importance of having well-made content for social media and was able to experience all the hard work that goes into producing that content.”

Melanie Davis

Public Relations

Bramblett Group, Henderson, Tennessee

“It was an experience that I would not trade for anything. I was able to learn new things from people that I now call friends, practice and further develop skills that I had learned in a classroom, and build relationships with people in my community. It was a Summer spent learning and growing, as a professional and an individual”