DMS Society

The Digital Media Studies Society at Union University was established to provide DMS/DMC students with further opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills. The organization provides an opportunity for students to become involved with others who share their interests. It also creates a platform for students to showcase their work and to use their abilities in the community, helping to prepare for their future in the work world. It strives to raise awareness of Digital Media Studies by fostering creativity in an interdisciplinary environment. It is a unique program that will prepare you to become a marketable digital media specialist who can step into a variety of fields and circumstances to provide leadership

What does the organization do?
Strives to teach members how to adapt to new technologies by understanding the processes behind the development of digital media.

Why should one join?
With digital media invading aspects of many work environments today, as well as aspects of ministry and every day life, it is vital to have a good understanding of how to use the tools available to you to be able to effectively use the digital media.

Who can join?
Any DMS Major/Minor or DMC Major can join the DMS Society.

How do you join?
By becoming a DMS Major/Minor or DMC Major you are automatically made part of the DMS Society. But being a part of the society is not where it ends. From there it is up to you to be a part of the society through relations, meetings, and networking. There are also other opportunities such as being a part of Student Government Association.

President: Tommy Woods, senior DMS ART major
Vice President: Samuel Jones, freshman DMC major
Senators: Daniel Young, senior DMS COM major and Luke Pennington, junior DMS ART major