BIOCOMUK18 is an immersive, 2-week study abroad opportunity in London, co-sponsored by the Biology and Communication Arts departments. With a wide variety of course offerings—from general core, to BA core, to specific major courses—students from various areas of study can join in a lifetime opportunity to live and study in the UK in the Summer of 2018.

A June Term 2018 study abroad opportunity, BIOCOMUK18 will start with 1-2 weeks of classes on the Jackson campus, then we will fly to London’s Heathrow airport on June 2nd, where we begin our adventures in the UK. We will be staying for 10 days in the heart of London, near the King’s Cross station, and taking a wide variety of excursions across the city including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace. The trip also includes excursions into the surrounding area, including Oxford and Leavesden (Home of the Harry Potter Studio Tour).

After our time in London, COM and BIO classes will split up, traveling by train throughout the UK on our way to Edinburgh, Scotland.  The COM classes will travel Northwest, making stops in Manchester and Bradford. The BIO classes will travel Northeast, making stops in Cambridge and Norwich. The classes will reunite to explore Edinburgh, including the Royal Mile, the Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish Highlands. After 4 days in Scotland, we will return home on June 16th.

We hope you’ll join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We will be hosting information sharing meetings throughout the Fall semester, providing additional details. If you are interested in finding out more about BIOCOMUK18, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

BIO 100 at the Eden Project in Cornwall

Eden Project

BIO 100 Survey in Biological Concepts

Instructor: Mark Bolyard, Chair & Professor, Biology
General Core requirement

This course involves lectures/discussions in Jackson, as well as the lab component (which is entirely in Jackson), followed by visits to a variety of sites of biological interest in the UK. For 2016, visits included the London Zoo, Kew Gardens, the Eden Project in Cornwall, the Natural History museum in Oxford, as well as opportunities for students to explore other biology-related sites independently. For 2018, additional possible trips include the Zoo and the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

COM 235 and others at Kensington Palace in London

COM 235 at Kensington Palace

COM 235 Interpersonal Communication

Instructor: Ashley Fitch Blair, Assoc. Professor, Communication Arts
General Core requirement

This course focuses on the theories, verbal, and nonverbal elements affecting human interaction with a special emphasis on culturural influences found in peer, family, and professional relationships. In 2016 we visited Kennington Palace, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, Churchill War Rooms, and London Transport Museum, as well as Christ Church College and Eagle & Child in Oxford. In 2018 additional possible excursions include Windsor Castle, the British Museum, the Kilns (home of C.S. Lewis), and the National Museum of Scotland.

BIO 397 at the Oxford Protein Production Center

BIO 397 in Oxford

Bio 397 Biotechnology in the UK

Instructor: Mark Bolyard, Chair & Professor, Biology
Upper level elective for Biology majors/minors

This course involves lectures/discussions in Jackson on the basics of biotechnology, followed by visits to Biotechnology sites during our time in the UK. For 2016, we visited the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh (where Dolly the sheep was cloned), the Oxford Protein Production Facility, the London Biotechnology Innovation Centre, and the Queen Mary Biotechnology Institute. For 2018, additional possible trips include the brand new Francis Crick Institute in London, as well as plant biotechnology institutes near Norwich, and the 100,000 Genomes project in Cambridge.

COM 380 on the BBC Breakfast set in Manchester

COM 380 International Media

Instructor: Chris Blair, Professor, Communication Arts
BA Core elective/COM major elective

This course looks into the differences and similarities of media across the world, with a specific focus on UK media, including film, television and social media. In 2016, we visited Exterion Media, the Globe Theatre and the National Theatre in London, the National Media Museum in Bradford, and the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden. In 2018, additional possible excursions include a tour of the BBC Media City UK in Manchester.

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