BIOCOMUK16 is an immersive, 3-week study abroad opportunity in London, co-sponsored by the Biology and Communication Arts departments. With a wide variety of course offerings, from general core, to BA core, to specific major courses, anyone interested can join us on this once in a lifetime opportunity to live and study in the UK in the Summer of 2016.

Here are the course options currently available:
BIO 100 Survey of Biological Concepts: 4 credit hours, General core, taught by Dr. Mark Bolyard, Chair & Professor of Biology

COM 235 Interpersonal Communication: 3 credit hours, 
General Core | B.A. Core, taught by Prof. Ashley Fitch Blair, 2015 Faculty of the Year

COM 395 International Media: 3 credit hours, 
B.A. Core | COM major elective, taught by Dr. Chris Blair, Professor, Communication Arts

BIO 396/397 Special Topics in Biology: 3 credit hours, 
BIO major or minor elective, taught by Dr. Mark Bolyard, Chair & Professor of Biology

Students can take either one or two courses while in London! If you are interested in participating in BIOCOMUK16, feel free to contact either Dr. Bolyard at or Prof. Blair at

What will we do in London?

Your experiences in England will vary based on the course(s) you take, but a few things will be universal.

London PassFirst, we will all be on the Jackson campus during the week of May 23–27 for our first week of class. This will be an intensive study week, where you will gain the foundation you need for the rest of the trip.

Second, everyone will then have a long weekend to go home and/or pack for the trip. We plan to fly out of the Memphis International Airport on May 31, arriving in London on June 1.

Third, everyone will have a series of required excursions related to their courses, coupled with experiential assignments. In addition, everyone will have free time to explore London and see the sites. Every student will be given a London Pass that provides free access to dozens of popular attractions, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abby, and Windsor Castle, to name a few. We are also staggering the various class excursions so any student who wants to go, can.

After three glorious weeks in England, we will return on June 21.

Where will we stay in London?

We are working with Anglo Educational Services to provide housing for BIOCOMUK16. We will know exactly where we will be staying in January 2016, but Anglo provides dorm-style apartments located in Central London. Students will stay 1 or 2 to a bedroom, with a shared living area, full kitchen and private bathroom. For examples of Anglo’s accommodations, check out their website at

BIOCOMUK16 provides a unique, residential experience, allowing students to understand what it feels like to not just visit, but live for a short time in a foreign country. Each morning you will wake up in your London apartment, get ready for the day and walk out into the city. You will travel with Londoners, buy your groceries with Londoners and relax with Londoners. We are excited about the cultural opportunities this program provides outside the class environment.

How will we travel?

Oyster CardWe will fly roundtrip on Delta from Memphis to London Heathrow. If you prefer to fly on a different airline or use frequent flyer miles for the trip, we will work with you to arrive as close to the rest of the group as you can.

After we arrive in London, each student will be given an Oyster Card that gives you unlimited access to London’s Underground transit system (Zones 1 & 2). You should be able to get anywhere you want to go in London using your Oyster Card.

Longer excursions related to your class will involve a train and will be purchased separately.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the trip, including roundtrip airfare, housing in London for 3 weeks, transportation in London, a food budget, paid excursions, travel insurance, and all administrative fees, ranges from $5,000 to $6,000, depending on the number of students who participate. The more students we have on the trip, the cheaper it will be. So encourage your friends to join us!

This estimate does not include tuition, which will vary based on how many classes you take and your financial aid package. The great benefit to this kind of study abroad trip is that any of your scholarships that would normally apply to summer school will apply to this trip, and some of your scholarships will even cover some of your travel expenses. Each student will need to meet with Fran Thomas in the Financial Aid office to determine how much financial aid will apply to this trip.

More details about financial aid and the trip can be found in the slide show below:

What do I need to do next?

Applications and a $500 refundable deposit are due by Friday, October 30th.

Follow the application steps below to reserve your spot…first come, first serve!

  1. Download and print this application and fill it out. Note the updated information about the BIO 100 labs on the application.
  2. Print a copy of your transcript from Webadvisor and staple it to the back of your application. (If you are a first semester freshman, attach your midterm grades from Webadvisor)
  3. Take the application to your academic advisor for his/her signature. (Don’t worry about the Dean of Student’s signature, we will submit everyone’s application to him together.)
  4. Take your application with attached transcript and $500 application fee (check or credit card) to Susan Bolyard in the Institute for International & Intercultural Studies, in the Academic Center behind Union Station. (Mrs. Bolyard is in her office Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning & Friday afternoon)
  5. Keep the receipt from Mrs. Bolyard for your records.
  6. Check your email! You will receive an email from Mark Bolyard, Chris Blair, or Ashley Fitch Blair to set up an interview within the next week.
  7. Print another application. Take it to your best pal, have them fill it out so they can come too! Remember the more people who go, the more costs go down for everyone…so recruit your friends to come along!