Mr. David BurkeDavid Burke
Director of Theatre and Professor, Communication Arts

B.S.A., Houston Baptist College
M.F.A., University of Houston


  • Office: JEN 307
  • Box 1861
  • 731-661-5287 (voice)
  • 731-661-5243 (fax)
  • E-mail:


David Burke has been Director of Theatre for over 25 years as a tenured professor who has directed over 70 plays including classics, contemporaries, comedies, tragedies, and musicals; from Sophocles to Shakespeare, from Miller to Simon.

He holds his MFA from University of Houston in acting and directing. He has worked in professional theater for 9 years prior to coming to Union. He holds a membership in Christians in the Theater Arts, Theater Association, Southeast Theater Conference, and Jackson Theater Guild. He has worked as a consultant, actor, director and designer in countless situations in theater and film.

He and his wife Charlotte have 5 children and 1 grandchild.

Courses taught
COM 123: Introduction to Theatre and Film
COM 211: Voice and Diction
COM 330: Theatre Production
COM 341: Theatre History I
COM 350: Christian Drama
COM 412: Fundamentals of Directing