TV Studio: The TV Studio is a newly renovated High Definition broadcast studio that serves as the home of our daily, live news program (Jackson 24/7) and a number of other televised events. All of the productions produced in the TV Studio are televised on one of our local cable systems or local network affiliates, and all of them are completely student produced and student directed.

Edit Suite: The Edit Suite is our high-definition editing suite, designed for advanced student projects and student directed films. The Edit Suite features a new 8-core MacPro with 24GB of RAM and 5TB of storage, loaded with Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Studio 3 and Creative Suite Production Premium. A 27-inch Cinema Display is used for editing and a 40-inch LCD monitor for playback of HD footage. The suite also accepts footage from P2 cards, SDHC cards, and XDCAM, and can burn projects to Blu-ray disc.

DMS Lab: The Digital Media Lab is a 20-computer, multi-purpose lab in Jennings Hall designed to provide our students with all the tools they need for a variety of creative projects. The lab is equipped with new 27-inch iMacs loaded with all the software they need, including Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and NewTek Lightwave 3D. Students take a number of graphic design, video production and interactive media classes in the lab, and the lab is open to majors when classes are not in progress.

Publication Lab: The Publication Lab is a 15-computer iMac lab in Jennings Hall that serves as the home of the Cardinal & Cream, Union’s campus newspaper, and This lab features Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Pro, PhotoMechanic and SoundSlides Plus. Students take a number of writing, reporting, and publication design courses in the lab.

Photojournalism Lab: The Photojournalism Lab has a four White Lightning light system for students to use on studio projects, such as fashion photography, portraits, product photography. The lab is also equipped with a variety of lighting controls that allow students to customize the room according to the needs of their subject, as well as a variety of backgrounds to chose from as potential backdrops. A White Lightning location system was recently added that allows students to take their photo shoot outside the lab to other locations and still have control over the lighting of their subject.

Mobile Production Unit: The Mobile Production Unit provides our students with a variety of live broadcasting experiences. Last year, Broadcasting and Digital Media students worked to televise Union Bulldog basketball games, the Carl Perkins Circles of Hope telethon, and Union’s Baptist Identity Conference, all live and all student directed and produced.

Theater: The W.D. Powell Theater is located in the Penick Academic Building. The 250-seat, black box theater features a flexible staging area and lighting & sound system. Recent shows have been performed both in the round and in a three-quarter thrust where the audience sits on three sides of the stage. Theater students also benefit from a separate workshop, practice hall and prop/costume shops.

  • workshop has all the tools needed for wood props to be built and put together. There is a chop saw, drill press, drills, hammers, a jig saw, table saw and any other tool needed to fashion wood.
  • costume shop is fit to serve the needed purpose. All the costumes that are used in the performances are sewn here in the department. The walk-in closet has two sewing machines and a cabinet full of costume designs that are used to make the outfits. All the outfits that are used are then kept in the closet for future use.
  • dressing rooms are right behind the stage. Both the men and ladies dressing rooms are fit with a full wall mirror, sink and counter top space for applying make-up.
  • audio-visual booth sits in the back of the theater and houses the operating boards for sound, lighting and video. W.D. Powell uses a 64-chanel analog effects board.