What is the Debate Team?

Union’s five-time National Championship award winning Debate program teaches critical thinking in its highest and most integrated form. Through resolution analysis, case construction and refutation you will learn the skills necessary to develop well-constructed arguments in any field. You will learn to look at problems and issues from a variety of angles. Through researching multiple subjects, you will both learn those subjects and the ability to find and integrate information quickly. Subjects debated include philosophy, political science, history and popular culture. Through presenting your arguments to a wide spectrum of audiences, you will learn the intangibles of persuasion that go beyond the logic of your argument.

Our Debate program is an academic discipline and requires hard work, perseverance and dedication to excel. Through practice rounds, critiques, lectures and a variety of other learning opportunities our debaters have the chance to grow as individuals as well as debate competitors. Through social interactions you will have the opportunity to build your character “as iron sharpens iron.”

What do they do?

The team travels to 8-10 tournaments a year across the Southeast. Through this travel, you will have the chance to socialize with your teammates on van rides, in hotels and during the tournaments. Through such close contact you will learn the social skills necessary to develop lasting, meaningful relationships. You will also meet other competitors from around the world, many of whom have a drastically different worldview than your own. You will be challenged to live your faith in and out of debate rounds.

Future Opportunities?

Debate can open doors in your future. Many of the keys to success in graduate school, the marketplace, the business world, and public service, are the very skills you learn in debate: the ability to analyze problems, find logical alternatives, select a course of action, and persuade others of the correctness of your ideas through clear and organized communication. Plus, many graduate degree programs look extremely favorably on collegiate debate experience. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. You can apply at the outset of your debate experience or join the team and try to earn one through competition. For more information click here and for a Debate application click here. Be sure to follow the Union Debate Facebook page for the latest updates on our team.

President: Josiah McGee

Coach: Web Drake, email: