Alumni Spotlight

A few of our alumni and where they have put their degree to use.

Gabe Farmer

Digital Media Studies, 2015

Creative Media Associate at Englewood Baptist Church
Jackson, Tennessee

“The DMS major prepared me for this position because it included a little bit of everything, and that is exactly what I’m doing now. I have enough knowledge of many aspects of digital media to be able to create whatever is needed.”

Samantha Linkous

Public Relations, 2013

Account Manager at Lewis Communications
Birmingham, Alabama

“Union’s public relations program not only equipped me with the practical skills needed for my profession, but also taught me to value research and to think strategically – which has proved very valuable so far in my career. My professors created opportunities to introduce me to people who worked in the field I was interested in early in college, and assisted me as I was looking for internships and my first job after graduating. I highly recommend Union’s communications department!”

Allison Hearn

Theatre, 2014

Costume Designer and Stitcher at various theatres in New York state
New York

“Union’s theatre gave me many opportunities to learn by doing hands-on work in my field. It gave me resources and productions to work on to learn how costuming works, and having to get shows on stage kept me moving forward and gave me a variety of styles and periods to work with. Union’s theatre department allowed me to gain hands-on experience in any aspect of theatre I chose, which helped me learn specifically what kind of work I wanted to pursue as a career. “

Leeana Cargile

Speech, 2013

Theatre Teacher at South Side High School
Jackson, Tennessee

“Union prepared me well for the challenges of my current position. I graduated with a degree in Theatre and Speech Education, which gave me experience in both the subject matter I teach (theatre and speech) and how best to teach it (education) . . . . I really appreciated how the education part of my degree prepared me to work specifically with this school system. The close relationships I’ve formed with faculty through my time here has allowed me to lean on them for advice and help when I need it, which is truly invaluable in the first years of teaching.”

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