Communication Arts at Union University

Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism majors at Union learn performance skills in front of the camera and cutting edge editing and production techniques behind the scenes as well scriptwriting, reporting, editing, and news analysis skills.


The journalism program at Union prepares students to craft stories in a variety of forms for newspapers, magazines, websites and other media outlets.


The theatre major at Union University emphasizes several fronts including those for persons pursuing a professional career as performers or technicians, for those who desire to work in Christian Theater ministry, and for those seeking teacher licensure.

Communication Studies

Build your own major with Communication Studies. Students choose from a variety of broadcast, digital media, journalism, public relations and theatre courses that best fit their career goals with the help of a faculty advisor.

Public Relations

Public Relations majors learn the foundations of public relations and use that knowledge to incorporate writing skills, digital media, creativity and strategic planning to produce PR campaigns. 

Film Studies

In Film Studies you learn about the art and craft of filmmaking in addition to the history and theory behind film. Plus take the opportunity to study filmmaking for a semester in Los Angeles.

Digital Media Communications

DMC majors learn to share their ideas and their faith in new, creative ways by teaching them the technical, creative & communication skills necessary to connect in this interactive age.


Learn the argumentation and persuasion skills to successfully debate your point of view. A speech major at Union prepares you for graduate programs in law, business, divinity, and arts & sciences. 


The photojournalism minor helps to build a strong visual communication foundation that may be used in a variety of career paths. Excellent addition for anyone passionate about sharing their vision with the world.

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